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Product development scale up to speed up product
delivery and innovation

Agile product development

Success for any start-ups largely depends on how well they can maintain a significant edge over competition. Today big companies have become agile and respond quickly to new entrants. After initial customer adoptions, the product team faces challenges of accommodating new feature demands from customers and transitioning from single thread to multi-thread product development.

We have been delivering several increments and newer generations of existing products, including product innovations from concept to deployment for our EDA, SaaS and cloud customers. With your final say on hiring, we will custom build self-driven team from the ground up and enable them to be an extended product team to speed up delivery.

Open source projects with minimal dependency

3rd party interfaces and DevOps –For example Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Log analysis plugins – Splunk,Sumologic, etc.

Product enhancements and new features

Assist core product team in delivering new features, enhancements and in the process ramp-up on product and code base.

Next generation of current product and new product prototypes

Once team fully ramped up on product and code-base, can assist core product team with next generation/adjacent product development

New products innovation

Multi-function global center operating as your extension under entrepreneurial leadership leading to innovations and company growth.

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