Our Mission

Help entrepreneurs realize their start-up dreams

We incubate and operate high-performance global centers in India for US startups to accelerate customer acquisition and expansion, and speedup product innovation. With your final say on hiring, we custom-build passionate, domain-specific teams for customer success and product development functions. We integrate them into your core teams and enable them to function as your extended teams.



Prashant Pahade is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and veteran of three successful Silicon Valley startups. He has over 20 years of experience in leading enterprise sales, customer success, and product development across semiconductor, EDA, and SaaS companies. Under his leadership, Agumbe has incubated and scaled up over six high-performing global centers for such start-ups, making a positive difference to their overall growth and valuation.

Prior to joining Agumbe, as a VP and MD for Apache Design Solutions, he started the sales, customer success, and product development operations in India and scaled them to over 25% of the company’s strength. The India center played a pivotal role in increasing valuation by 20% and eventually led to its acquisition by Ansys, Inc for $330M. At Cadence Design Systems, he received North America Sales, MVP award for his outstanding sales achievements.


Fastest-growing economy

The Indian economy is expected to grow from $3T in 2019 to $5T in 2024. With world-class digital infrastructure, the cloud market is expected to grow to $4.1B by 2020. AWS has over 200,000 active customers and this is growing rapidly, providing speedy growth to SaaS companies.

Preferred destination for global centers

India is home to over 45% of the global centers in the world outside of their home country. This includes many Fortune 2000 companies and Silicon Valley startups. It provides a great opportunity to land and expand US customers through their India technology centers.

Emerging startup nation

Startups grew from less than 1000 in 2010 to over 30,000 by 2019. There have been 25 unicorns so far, with 18 in 2018 alone. The country has created a market for SaaS products, And for startup-centric talent.

Second largest talent pool

Around 1M engineers graduate every year. As per LinkedIn, around 300,000 people with AWS, Azure, and GCP skills, 15,000 with AI/ML skills, 75,000 full stack and 120,000 customer success