Productive global center – change maker for
a start-up’s overall growth and valuation

Start-up is core to our DNA. Our founder is a serial entrepreneur and veteran for 3 successful silicon valley start-ups. For
last 10 years, the team has built productive global centers in India for many silicon valley start-ups to deliver product
promises at scale.


Our mission is to support entrepreneurs realize their start-up dreams.


We incubate and operate global centers in India for US start-ups to scale up sales, customer success and
product development operation. Agumbe thrives to make global centers high-performing and accelerate
customer acquisition and speed up product innovation.

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Our India global center was the most profitable and high performing operation.

Prashant built world class customer success team which was instrumental in accelerating customer acquisition and expansion. Product innovations from India team enabled our flagship platform to become mainstream resulting in significant customer, sales growth and reduction in support cost. Bangalore center was critical for Apache’s overall growth, it’s valuation and eventual acquisition by Ansys, Inc for $330M.
Andrew T Yang - Chairman & CEO - Apache Design Solutions

Accelerate customer acquisition and expansion

Global customer success

Assist your customer success team in POC execution, on-boarding and enable them to pursue more prospects. Relentless focus on customer success outcome driven expansion resulting in increased ACV and reduced churn rate.

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APAC/India sales

Discover untapped opportunities in fast growing market to increase your pipeline and conversion rate. Drive strategic partnerships in India. Land and expand US accounts through their India global centers.

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Speedup product innovations

Customer driven product engineering

Deeply integrated with customer success and product teams helping drive new product features, enhancements, validation and collateral. Help drive new source of revenue through professional services.

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Agile product development

Operating as an extension of your core R&D to help drive current product enhancements, next generation of current product and new project prototypes. Drive development of 3rd party interfaces and open source projects requiring minimum dependencies on primary R&D team.

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Growth model

Scaling up organization for revenue, customer and multi-threaded product development growth while
preserving your culture and ability to be innovative .

Entrepreneurial leadership – “Your Co-founder in India”
Serial entrepreneur, veteran of 3 successful silicon valley start-ups and 10 years of growth scaling for multiple start-ups

Custom-build passionate, self-motivated, result oriented team
Top talent from multi-national companies, follow your interview process, hire with your final say

Silicon Valley start-up DNA
Team driven by your company culture, goals and mission in transparent, creative environment

Extension of your core team
Fully integrated into your core teams, operate as your team from the get-go

Complete scale-up
Grow customer success, product development, product engineering and sales functions

Option to transfer
Groom internal leader, assist in setting up fully owned subsidiary and transfer teams